Want a career in social media? Your #Klout score may be telling you where it may lead.

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 14.04.16

I’m a fan of education –  more what you learn from life than qualifications to be honest.

I’m also a bit of a believer that people that teach subjects such as Marketing, Social Media and other business related subjects might be good at telling you what you should do, but they probably wouldn’t be very good at doing it themselves.

The picture is a snapshot of a post I was tagged in on Facebook.

It was posted by a friend whilst on a “Social Media” training course – her company thought she should attend the course for educational purposes. That person is full of life – I’ve learnt and had much fun with them.

Her Klout score is 67, mine (frustratingly) is 65 – both considered in the world of tweets, posts and sharing to be pretty good I think.

The trainers Klout score is 50. Perhaps telling people how to do it, rather than doing it for a career was a decision for them.



After checking the @Klout scoring thing out, I know my score is considered social media good. But I’ve now decided I want to be @ZooeyDeschanel. #newgirljealousy


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